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Disco Drives (King’s Lynn) Limited is a Power Transmission Engineering company who have been established since 1965 in King’s Lynn.

We are specialists in industrial mechanical variable speed drives, inline and right angle gearboxes and motors. The Disco Drive is a well proven variable speed drives, simple in construction.

All the power transmission parts are made at our works in King’s Lynn from special steels, precision finished and ground to fine limits to ensure high efficiency and long working life. The units are quiet and vibration free and parts wear is minimal even when run at fixed speeds for extended periods. Mounting can be foot or flange and in various attitudes, depending requirements.

The range of sizes and choice of assembly variations enable the Disco Variable Speed Drive to be applied or built into any mechanised equipment, large or small.

In combination with the EPG range of gearboxes many speed ranges can be obtained.

We use British components when available including castings manufactured from foundries country wide.

Consequently the precision engineering skills acquired enable us to offer a vast range of Sub-Contract machining services.

The Disco Drive and ElectroPower Gears gearbox are long standing market leaders.The range of sizes and assembly variations of both the EPG and Disco units allows for a wide variety of uses in most industries.