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Our business has been built on our reputation for versatility, quality & reliability. With a wealth of technical skills our sub-contract department produces both one off and mass produced parts, designed specifically for the customer.
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  • 1. CNC Turning: -Three lathes, two with bar feeds (65mm capacity). One machine with C axis for milling and drilling.
  • 2. Vertical M/C Centre:- Haas VF-3 1016mm x 508mm capacity, with rotary Indexer.
  • 3. Grinding:- Eight various machines capable of grinding 400mm dia x 750mm long shafts.(Universal, cylindrical, surface, ring, tool and cutter grinders)
  • 4. Turning:- Seven lathes up to 600mm dia x 1300mm capacity.
  • 5. Vertical Boring:- Two machines up to 1220mm capacity, with two axis DRO.
  • 6. Horizontal Borer:- One meter cube capacity with 3 axis DRO.
  • 7. Jig Borer:- Newel 20” x 15”.
  • 8. Milling:- Universal, vertical and horizontal machines.
  • 9. Broaching:- Two horizontal machines, with Metric and Imperial keyway broaches.
  • 10. Honing:- Delapena speed hone up to 50mm capacity.
  • 11. Slotting:- 150mm stroke.
  • 12. Drilling:- Eighteen drilling heads including pillar and radial drills.
  • 13. Sawing:- Automatic band saw, 250mm capacity.
  • 14. Fitting:- Skilled personnel adept at building and repairing gearboxes, mechanical drive systems and pumps.